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Nick is a musician, photographer, rock climber, bourbon and beer enthusiast, board game adventurist, and is obsessed with bluegrass and Irish music.

After graduating from UCLA in 2009 with a BA in Music History, Nick took a brief 3-month break from the grind to travel Europe. Upon returning back to his hometown of San Diego from the epic solo excursion, he soon dove into the world of branding and marketing.

Nick moved to Temecula, CA to co-build and project manage a full service recording/audio production facility called Voltage Productions. From the ground up, the 1200sqft studio was built and equipped with fully soundproof walls and floors, top of the line equipment, and and isolated mixing / live room separation. As the studio neared completion, Nick transitioned into working with Magnetic Creative, a full service creative branding agency also in Temecula. Over the next four and a half years his skills flourished, leading development and design teams, helping to build multi-channel integrated marketing strategies, and developing client communications and relationships:

Client List: Tim McGraw, Mark Collie, Pieology, GigTown, Lifeproof, FUGOO, Hologic|Gen-Probe, Life Technologies, Bear Lake Reserve, Bay 2 Breakers, and more.

Magnetic became a place for Nick’s skills to rapidly build and thrive, and the kind of work soon proved to be the type that he would feel most passionate about. After Magnetic, Nick started working as a freelance consultant and service provider, building clientele to further hone his skills in creative development. Photography, graphic design, video production, and web development all became areas that would consume his time, along with cultivating 4 local bands with whom he performs regularly.

Nick is always seeking new opportunities, projects, and collaborations, and is constantly on the search for exciting and awesome life experiences.